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At Smith Lake Farm, we sell real honey directly

from our hives and provide unique educational experiences

for bee-curious people of all ages.


We're a boutique apiary and we grow and breed bees that are mite resistant , cold/wet weather tolerant and gentle. We believe this mission is paramount to local food security and healthy hives across the valley. 

We offer apiary tours, beekeeping courses, and mentorship for all levels, along with honey & hive sales.


our bees

We have around over a million bees doing important work—providing us with nutritious honey and exceptional educational opportunities. 


Our forest and wetlands provide our bees with tree and wildflower nectar and pollen. 

Our cattle fields are sown with a bee friendly pasture mixture, high in white Dutch and crimson clover, alfalfa, buckwheat, and other flowering plants which are perfect for both honey bees and cattle. As a result, our native bee population increased over the past decade! 

We use best practice beekeeping methods and are collaborating with other apiaries

creating a local breeding program designed to create West Coast

bees that weather our seasonal challenges and parasites in good health.

Click HERE to find out about purchasing queen cells, nucleus hives and our overwintered 6 Frame Hive

specially designed for the new beekeeper.

Apiary Tours


At this time our apiary tours are only for farm accommodation guests and are included in your stay! Please let us know you would like to join a tour and we will do our best to make it happen during your time at the farm. Tour occur every other morning at 9 am unless weather or bee health does not allow us to proceed. 


"Introduced to Deborah through sheer luck, I couldn’t ask for a better mentor. She’s been instrumental in making it possible for me to take up this fascinating challenge. Always cheerful, she’s amazingly patient with the pace of learning in others, and has walked me through many perplexing (sometimes scary) situations. She’s readily available for consultation, good advice, and an encouraging word. Heading into a second year of beekeeping, I continually find myself impressed with the breadth of knowledge Deborah has regarding bees and their care. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her friendship is appreciated."

— Fred Bunting


"I’m fortunate to have experienced Deborah’s beekeeping mentor over the past three years. She’s a knowledgeable and well-respected master beekeeper who keeps current in her field. Years of hands-on experience gives her problem-solving skills that are both logical and intuitive. Her well-organized apiary is located in an idyllic, peaceful setting, making it a joy to visit and work in. Throughout my early beekeeping experiences, Debora remained consistent, patient, and supportive. Her genuine curiosity and interest in bees

is an inspiration."

— Deborah Kozlick

our honey

Our natural honey is made from local nectar (not sugar!) and helps build immunity to pollen allergies.

It tastes so amazing that we sell out every year (without advertising)!


If you’d like some, please email us to get on the list.

come visit us!



Bee yard & outyard tours, beekeeping certification & apprenticeship. Stay with us and learn about bees!


Six private glamping sites and our

 tiny home are ready to welcome you. We also offer camping during our shoulder seasons.


We offer farm, sauna, and cold plunge day-use experiences in the colder months and farm tours with disc golf in the summer. 

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