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We love bees and work hard to protect their

natural forage using ethical farming practices.


Our pastures are seeded with an

environmentally-friendly mixture requiring

less water and fertilizer to grow fruitful fields

of crimson and White Dutch clover.

We provide high-quality raw honey

for as many people as possible.

Farm gate sales include grass-fed Angus beef,

eggs, cherries, apples, and seasonal veggies.

our story

Stepping onto the property for the first time, it was love at first sight.

The farm's natural beauty was mesmerizing and the possibilities were endless.

​Over the past 13 years, we've withstood and benefited from change. We started with cattle and meat birds, along with fruit, nut, and veggies for personal consumption.

​Then came the bees, the pastures, and the honey.

All with Nana as head beekeeper and the grandkids as taste testers!​

seasonal farm gate sales
vancouver island honey farm
seasonal farm gate sales

We’re thrilled to provide amazing agritourism experiences for our guests

with educational opportunities and seasonal, rustic accommodation.


Throughout the summer months, relax and unplug in one of our private

glamping sites or in our idyllic tiny house.

​We have a strong belief in keeping the land wild, using sustainable farming practices,

and maintaining a strong connection to nature and our community.

​We work hard to ensure minimal disruption of vegetation on our property.

​The bog lake and surrounding wetlands are home to a variety of plants, animals,

and wild pollinators that play a key role in the local ecosystem.

​Other than pre-existing buildings, we've kept the majority of our 90-acres of land largely unaltered, making it the perfect place to get away from urban living.

Our mission is to support the farm to table movement and provide everyone who visits with an amazing agritourism and natural experience—from WWOOFers to glampers and beekeeping students.

Welcome to our happy place!

smith lake merville bc
smith lake merville bc
smith lake wilderness bog

come visit us!

vancouver island honey farm
smith lake farm accommodation
smith lake farm apiary

Bee Educated

Bee Yard & Outyard Tours, Beekeeping Certification & Apprenticeship.

Bee Comfortable

Four private glamping sites and our

 tiny home are ready to welcome you.

Bee Adventurous

Experience an educational exchange through our WWOOFing opportunities.