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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which accommodation should I rent with dogs?
    The Tiny House, Forest and Prospector glamping sites are all dog friendly. Forest is only 'small' dog friendly. Please add the pet cleaning to your cart at checkout!
  • Which accommodation should I rent with babies?
    If your baby naps we recommend these accommodations: Forest is best. Laketrail, White Pine, Prospector. Wild Rose and Skygazer are very bright during the day.
  • Which accommodation should I rent with toddlers?
    Tiny house has a loft but does have a baby gate. Forest is the best for naps. Laketrail, White Pine and Prospector are great. Wild Rose and Skygazer are both very bright during the day.
  • Which accommodation should I rent for a Romantic Trip?
    Tiny House, Laketrail, Forest, White Pine, Prospector and Wild Rose are all great but Skygazer is the most Romantic.
  • Which accommodation should I rent for Girl/Guy friend trip?
    All options are great but if you would like to stay up later, Sky Gazer or the Tiny house are best. Either way sound travels over the Lake and Bog.
  • Which accommodation should I rent for mobility issues?
    Tiny House has a pull out on the main level, loft with bed above. Laketrail and Prospector are good but Wild Rose is best.
  • Which accommodation should I rent with bikes?
    All of the above! So many great places to adventure around and on the farm with bikes. We love seeing kids on bikes!
  • Which accommodation should I rent with small kids?
    Tiny house has a loft with a gate but still remain cautious. Laketrail, Forest and White Pine are all great. 1 Kid with Prospector is reccomended. Wild Rose and Skygazer are both good.
  • Which accommodation should I rent with big kids?
    All of the above, but its recommended that you only have 1 kid in Prospector due to space.
  • Which accommodation should I rent with 2 families travelling together?
    Tiny House isn't near any other accomodation. There is a bed with a loft upstairs and a pull out couch downstairs. Also space for a portable cot if you have one.
  • Is there a BBQ?
    Tiny House has a private BBQ. Laketrail, Forest, White Pine, Prospector, Wild Rose and Skygazer share a communal BBQ.
  • Is there a bathroom?
    Tiny House has access to an indoor bathroom with toilet, sink and shower but it's not connected to the building. It's located approximately 20 steps away. Laketrail, Forest, White Pine, Prospector, Wild Rose and Skygazer all have their own private outhouse.
  • Is there a shower?
    Tiny House as has an outside private shower as well as access to an indoor shower located in another building approximately 20 steps away. Laketrail, Forest, White Pine, Prospector, Wild Rose and Skygazer all share a communal shower. is it indoor or outdoor and where is it located?
  • Are there complimentary Paddleboards for the lake and are they free?
    Yes, there are 4 paddleboards that you can use on the lake. They are free of charge for everyone. First come first serve.
  • How do I book the Sauna?
    If you are a guest staying with us, there is no charge to use the sauna. You still must book your time on our website. Please be kind and avoid booking the prime time twice so another guest has the opportunity as well.
  • Is there a propane fireplace?
    Every accommodation has its own propane fireplace. Propane tank rental is an additional $30 cost. This is simply to cover the cost of the propane.
  • Are there dishes for all the sites?
    Tiny house has a full kitchen stocked with the basic necessities. For the other sites, if you have a camping kitchen tote then please bring your own! Otherwise we offer a dishes/pots & pans tote for rental. The fee is $50.
  • Is there bedding available for kids bed?
    Additional bedding can be rented for a cost, you can also bring your own.
  • Is there a communal hang out space?
    Our barn has a communal hangout space available for our guests. You can BBQ, there is a bar and comfy couches. It's completely sheltered from the elements so use it to beat the heat or escape our wet coast weather.
  • What do you have available in your farm store?
    Usually we have beef, honey and other seasonal products available for purchase, as well as some random sweets and treats you may desire while camping. We also have super cute apparel that makes for a great souvenir.
  • Where can the toilet paper be found?
    Toilet paper is in the blue tin located at your site. More can be found in the store free of charge.
  • Are there bears?
    Yes, there are! However, we've never had any issues. With that being said, please keep your food in the car when you are not at your site or are asleep. Keep in mind ravens and raccoons also like to snack on food left out.
  • What other wild animals are around?
    If you are at the lake during dusk or dawn you will likely see the resident beaver. There are loads of black tail deer, birds, frogs and fish.
  • I would like to see where your honey comes from, how can I see the bees?
    Ask us about the Bee Keeping tour when you arrive and we can almost always find some time for you to view. Working with the Bees is weather dependent so we can't book ahead of time.
  • What should I wear for my bee tour?
    Please wear closed toed shoes, socks and long pants if possible. We provide bee suits or bee shirts/veils and gloves.
  • What animals do you have on the farm?
    Cows, chickens, ducks and a million bees!
  • As a guest is disc golf free?
    Yes! You can bring your own disc or borrow discs from beside the trampoline. You can download the UDISC app on your phone for free. Go to our course and use the current map layout on the legend board located in the driveway to find your way around.
  • Can we swim in the lake?
    Yes! Our lake is amazing and sooooo swimmable. You'll find us in there daily!
  • What is up with the giant tadpoles/frogs?
    We have invasive American Bullfrogs in our lake. They are big and fun for kids to catch. We have nets for sale in our store. Please remember they are still living creatures so we don't kill or harm them needlessly.
  • Can I access the lake?
    The lake is reserved for Guests staying at the farm and for use with Sauna only.
  • Can I come to Smith Lake Farm to play disc golf
    Yes. Please book a time on our website under the experience page. Our course is NOT a pay to play but a buy farm goods to play! Play disc golf - bring home dinner
  • Where do I park for day use Disc Golf?
    Please follow the signs and park where every they tell you to! In the winter it is usually in the top field behind the barn and in the summer it is near the main house by the chicken coop.
  • Can we come use your sauna?
    In the fall, winter and spring the sauna can be rented for experience under our experience section. Please have a look there for availability. In the summer ONLY accomodation guest may use the sauna and there is NO additional charge. BYO tent campers/rvers in the fall, winter and spring get a discount code for booking the sauna at a great price!
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