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Accommodation Sauna Session

Sauna time included in your stay!

Service Description

Please insure you have signed our farm & sauna waiver before participating in any activity on the farm: SIGN WAIVERS HERE:,64920914d83bbe00192bcb54?event=none Duration: 1.5 hours People: up to 4 People 18+ Type: Our sauna is an electric, dry sauna Please read all information below before booking. *Sauna hours are dawn till dusk in the summer months. *Please book different time slots during your stay so everyone gets a chance for prime times. *Sauna is 16+, and youths must enter with an adult until the age of 19 *Please attempt to remove most sand from your feet before entering sauna.  *Sweep sauna sand back towards door at end of use. Use cleaner spray and paper towel located in outdoor bench to wipe off bubble if you lean against it. How to turn on the sauna: 1. Turn farthest dial to ¾ on.  2. Keep the two fresh air portholes beside door open.  3. To heat up to use immediately: turn timer dial past 2 and then back past the first one. 4.  You will hear a clunk and then electricity hum. Hold your hands over rocks to make sure it is on. 5.  Go do something for 20 minutes and come back! 6.  To heat up for a set time: set timer to countdown hours till you wish to come back. If it’s noon and you want to Sauna at 2:20 pm, then turn the sauna timer to 2 (hours). Walk away and come back in 2 hours and 20 minutes and your sauna will be warm. The sauna takes 20 minutes to heat up. Drink some tea, sit on the dock or stay comfy in the sauna while waiting for the sauna to get toasty. Must bring: Bathing suit, water bottles, sandals, boots, two towels and a flashlight for night time Sauna Recommended to bring 2 water bottles, one towel is for sitting on. Please clean your feet before entering the sauna. Sweep sauna after use. Trail, bridge and dock may be slippery.

Cancellation Policy

To reschedule Sauna Sessions please notify 48 hours in advance of booking. Smith Lake Farm Sauna Experiences may be rescheduled once per booking. There is a $35 cancellation fee if you if you wish to be refunded Sauna Experiences. All one day events are non refundable - please resell your ticket in one of our Facebook groups. Retreats and multi-day events are refunded at 50% up to 30 days before event and non-refundable within 30 days of the first day of your event.

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