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This concrete soap and brush holder is a sealed HEAVY concrete block, designed for "hands free, wiggle free" usage. You can hold your dish in one hand and the brush in the other and quickly agitate the soap, scrub and rinse! No need to hold the block to keep the soap dish from wiggling around means you can quickly get the dishes washed and DONE!


ADD ON  -Get your dishes done with an eco friendly dish soap

Our dish soap bar is a super sudsy and eco friendlyway to get off the toughest grease and grime from your dishes.

This vegan, zero-waste soap is free from sulfates, phosphates, parabens, palm oil, and animal testing, and is totally biodegradable. Scented with 100% essential oils, there are no synthetic fragrances!

Our 140g size might sound modest, but it’s pretty vigorous. It will last one person about three months and is designed to replace three regular bottles of liquid dish soap !

Available in Scented and Unscented, pair it with our  ECO Sponge or Bamboo Dish Scrubber!

Conctrete Dish Block with Soap

  • C A R E
    • Trays are sealed however, standing water, soap, lotion etc. can still cause staining. We recommend cleaning spills as they occur. Cleaning seasonally and resealing can be done, unless you’re ok with the look of the ‘distressed concrete’ charm.
    • Water rings and soap marks will most likely occur over time as the tray is meant to catch these and keep them off your countertops and gives, again the nature of concrete.
    • Handle with care – tray can crack and/or break if dropped.

    C O N C R E T E • C O L O R S
    • White
    • Gray
    • Please note: colors may be slightly different than you see on screen.

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