Tiny House Sauna Session 1.5 hour

This complimentary booking can only be made by Tiny House Guests!

Service Description

Duration: 1.5 hours People: up to 4 People 18+ Type: Our sauna is an electric, dry sauna Please sign our waiver before participating in any farm activity! https://app.waiversign.com/e/62c667d09b0d900018f317e0/doc/62c66d62fbf0f80018f5299a?event=none The sauna takes 20 minutes to heat up. Sauna is available to Tiny House guest from 8:30am to noon and from 8:30 pm on. Must bring: Bathing suit, water bottles, sandals, two towels and a flashlight for late night Please clean your feet before entering the sauna. Sweep sauna after use. Trail, bridge and dock may be slippery.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations may only occur on day of booking. To reschedule please notify 24 hours in advance of booking.