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Sunrise Sauna Club

$75 for 2 hour session - up to 4 people - return sauna club members only

Service Description

Welcome to the club! Use this booking service if you have already been to the farm and purchased a sauna session at full price and know 1. Where it is 2. How to turn it on ARE YOU EXCITED TO WATCH THE SUNRISE IN THE SAUNA? Please insure you have signed our farm waiver before participating in any activity on the farm: Duration: 2.5 hours People: up to 4 People 18+ Booking: Please contact us if you prefer a time that isn't on the online calendar Type: Our sauna is an electric, dry sauna The sauna takes 20 minutes to heat up.Drink some tea, sit on the dock or stay comfy in the sauna while waiting for the sauna to get toasty. Must bring: Bathing suit, water bottles, sandals, boots, two towels and a flashlight Recommended to bring 2 water bottles, one towel is for sitting on, flashlight is require. Please clean your feet before entering the sauna. Sweep sauna after use. Trail, bridge and dock may be slippery.

Cancellation Policy

To reschedule Sauna Sessions please notify 48 hours in advance of booking. Smith Lake Farm Sauna Experiences may be rescheduled once per booking. There is a $35 cancellation fee if you if you wish to be refunded Sauna Experiences. All one day events are non refundable - please resell your ticket in one of our Facebook groups. Retreats and multi-day events are refunded at 50% up to 30 days before event and non-refundable within 30 days of the first day of your event.

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