5 Session Punch Pass

$100 per session. 2.5 hour session. ($25 a sessions per person!)

Service Description

When: Choose one evening, beginning November 8-14th, from 5:30 to 8pm. Frequency: Weekly for five weeks Duration: 2.5 hours People: up to 4 People 18+ How: Book your first 2.5 hour time slot and we will send you a code for your 4 subsequent bookings! LIMITED spaces available! Please sign our waiver before attending any activity on our farm: https://app.waiversign.com/e/62c667d09b0d900018f317e0/doc/62c66d62fbf0f80018f5299a?event=none Must bring: Bathing suit, water bottles, sandals, two towels and a flashlight for late nights. Please clean your feet before entering the sauna. Sweep sauna after use. Trail, bridge and dock may be slippery. Enjoy the silence. $500 + tax for 5 Sauna Sessions. Have up to 4 people. $19.85 per person per session

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations may only occur on day of booking. To reschedule please notify 24 hours in advance of booking.