These nucleus hives are created in the course of hive management during the spring season. They are comprised of either four deep frames, five medium frames or eight medium frames. These hives contain brood and food as well as a mated queen.  The queen could be from our apiary or from one of the Comox Valley Breeding Program apiaries. The frames will be from our apiary but could be drawn from different hives. The nucleus colony usually requires feeding during the spring build up which you will do after you pick up your bees. 
*Special order requests can be discussed with our master beekeeper, Deborah, such as top bar hives or different configerations. Please email Deborah directly with your phone number at to discuss option. 

Nucleus Hives Available May 2022

  • There are approximately ten to fifteen nucleus hives available throughout the mid-April to mid-May time frame. We take reservations and make these hives available on a first come first serve basis.

  • Bring your new equipment to our apiary, 1481 Larkin Road, a few days before your bees are to go home.  We help you “hive” the bees into your equipment.  One or two days later you return and take your hive home.  We will have secured the bees the night before so all bees will be in your hive. You bring two ratchet straps and we show you how to secure a hive for transportation.

    If your equipment is not new, then you can arrange to pick up your bees at the farm gate in which case they will be in a transportation nuc that must be returned to us within two days.  You leave us a cash deposit of 150.00$ in an envelope against the return of our equipment.  When the equipment is returned, we give you back your envelope with your cash. For bio security reasons we cannot have used equipment in our apiary.