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Cost will be $350 per person, couples can take the course for $550. 3 day glamping option with 1 seat in the course for $700 or two seats in the course for $850.


Smith Lake Farm Beekeeper Graduates also get to be first in line for our 4 frame nucleus hives and 6 frame overwintered min hives!

This course leads to your certification as a Beginner Beekeeper by the BCHPA (British Columbia Honey Producers Association). 

Taught by Deborah Acheson, a Master Beekeeper and a certified instructor for the BCHPA and Clea Adair, Owner and Operator of Smith Lake Farm. 


- 3 prerecorded zooms you can watch at your leisure and 3 scheduled zoom questions and answer zoom sessions monthly starting in  January.

- 1 live zoom session Date TBD

- 2 day intensive class May 25th & 26th 2024 at the farm-

- International Honey Tasting will happen on Saturday late afternoon

- Fall/winter prep refresher late September (optional but useful!)

- No food provided - please bring snacks and water bottle 


Optional glamping stay- glamping groups get discounts on additional seats in the course

* Tax is included in our price

Beginners Beekeeper Course 2024