Click HERE to get on the list for 2023 Beginners Beekeeping Course 

This course leads to your certification as a Beginner Beekeeper by the BCHPA (British Columbia Honey Producers Association). 

Taught by Deborah Acheson, a Master Beekeeper and a certified instructor for the BCHPA and Clea Adair, Owner and Operator of Smith Lake Farm. 


*COVID has altered how we deliver the course.  All classroom work is now done by Zoom. 

When you register you will  have a one on one telephone or zoom  session with Deborah or Clea to assist you with questions you may have about acquiring equipment and bee clothing. How to obtain bees will be addressed. Also, the importance of joining a bee club and having a mentor for your first year will be discussed.
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Beginners Beekeeper Course

  • Click HERE to get on the list for 2023 Beginners Beekeeping Course

    February 15th: Zoom meeting to discuss basic hive equipment and why you need it. Virtual tour of the inside of our apiary and equipment.  We will also address basic bee biology. 

    March 7th: Zoom meeting to discuss Honey Bee Pests and Diseases. 

    April 21: Zoom meeting to discuss how to hive your bees when they arrive and to discuss early feeding techniques, and how to super for honey.

    May 19: Optional zoom meeting to answer and questions or concerns you may have about how your hive is doing.

    June 3rd and 4th:

    10am - noon 

    1:30pm - 3:30pm

    Two days of training in the apiary at Smith Lake Farm, 1481 Larkin Road. Some of the attendees will be glampers and some will be valley residents.  Glampers will be provided with bee suits if they are unable to bring their own gear. Valley residents are expected to have their own gear. Techniques for hive inspections, use of smokers, note taking, disease inspection, queen problem inspections, how to find a queen, how to mark a queen, hive division etc. will all be explored.   *Content will be weather dependent.

    Honey Tasting from Around the World: 4:00 pm June 3rd. This event will be open to all farm guests as well as long as they are vaccinated.