Our Farm Story

We fell in love with Smith Lake Farm from the first time we saw it. Over a decade later we have had many adventures on and off the farm, including many farm critters, two kids and about half a million bees.

Smith Lake Farm is a multi-generational farm with 'Nana' as our head beekeeper and our kids are our main honey taste-testers!


What we Believe 

  • Producing quality food products for our local community

  • Small  and sustainable farm practices

  • Protecting bee's natural forage

  • Creating bee pastures in existing farm land

  • Ethical farming and wholesome food

Why Buy Our 'Real' & Local Honey

  • It's unpasturized

  • It's not blended with cheap foreign honey with unknown or questionable practices

  • It's made from local nectar not sugar 

  • It can help you build immunity to pollen allergies

  • Our wildflower and bee pastures are benefical for all polinators that visit our farm 

  • It tastes amazing!